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I can’t say enough how wonderful my experience with Lacey Wolf Fine Portraiture was! My biggest fear coming into this was that I would look weird in the photos… I’m definitely not a model and not super aware of how my body looks in photos! But Lacey made us feel extremely comfortable, and not at all awkward with her suggestions and directions. She had us focus on how we felt about each other, and perfected each pose with little things that made for some totally romantic, stunning photos.

My favorite part of the experience was going to the studio after the pictures were taken to view our photos. Lacey had a beautiful presentation (set to music!) of all of the photos she had taken. It was really special to see them up on a screen and then work with Lacey to choose our favorite photos. There were so many photos to choose from that were gorgeous! I will admit that I definitely shed some happy tears when I saw how wonderful our photos turned out… and that was before she even edited them. The final product was absolutely breathtaking.

From our initial consultation to the final product, Lacey worked closely with us to make our vision come to life.  She listened to what we wanted (all of the desert backdrop, please!), and worked to make sure that we were thrilled with our photos. Lacey is more than just a photographer. She is an artist. The artistry and love that goes into her photography is spectacular, and I would recommend her to all of my friends looking for outstanding photography for any occasion.

Thank you, Lacey!
— Rebecca Archer
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The photos are absolutely stunning. I get more and more satisfaction every time I view them (every day). I am so totally happy with the decision I made

Thank you so very much,"

- From a happy mom

Thank you SO much for the beautiful portraits! I’ve always believed that amazing photographers are people who can evoke feelings and capture a different perspective that I haven’t considered. With the portraits you created of me, you’ve done both about myself. Thank you for creating a representation that makes me feel so beautiful and powerful. For so long, I’ve downplayed my accomplishments - but looking at my new portraits makes me feel empowered and proud of myself.

So really... thank you for TWO gifts - the portraits and the sense of empowerment. I will always cherish them!
— Christine Liao